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UK Orders below 135 GBP (155 EUR VAT Exclusive / 187,55 EUR VAT Inclusive) are on hold until further notice.


We are shipping from Belgium to the following countries using either DHL EXpress or DHL Parcel. The shipping partner used differs per country based on pricing and service. For certain countries we ship with DHL Express World Wide.

Country - Shipping price - Remarks
Austria - 11,00 EUR [DHL Parcel
Australia - 47,00 EUR [Export DHL Express]
Belgium - 6,00 EUR [DHL Parcel] 
Bulgaria - 19,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Canada - 28 EUR [DHL Express]
Canary Islands - 35,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Chile - 37,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Croatia - 22,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Cyprus - 21,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Czech Republic - 10,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Denmark - 12,00 EUR [Dropoff at DHL Parcel point! Contact us for alternative options]
Estonia - 14,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Finland - 25,00 EUR [DHL Express]
France - 9,00 EUR [DHL Parcel
Germany - 7,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Greece - 21,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Hungary - 12,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Ireland - 19,50 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Iceland - 35,50 EUR [Export DHL Express]
India - 30,00 EUR [Export DHL Express. Requires one of the following: Consignee's Passport Number, AADHAR Number, GSTIN, PAN Card, Unique Identification Number]
Indonesia - 44,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Italy - 13,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Japan - 44,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Kazakhstan - 45 EUR [DHL Express]
Korea - 40,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Latvia - 14,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Lithuania - 14,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Luxembourg - 8,00 EUR [DHL Parcel
Malta - 21,00 EUR [Export DHL Express]
Malaysia - 35,50 EUR [DHL Express]
Maldives35,50 EUR [DHL Express]
Netherlands - 7,00 EUR [DHL Parcel
Norway - 25,00 EUR [Export DHL Express]
Poland - 10,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Portugal - 14,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Republic of Moldova - 35 EUR [DHL Express]
Philippines - 51 EUR [DHL Express]
Romania - 20,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Russian Federation - 37 EUR [bpost tracked]
Serbia - 35,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Slovakia - 12,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Slovenia - 12,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
South Africa - 44 EUR[DHL Express]
Spain - 14,00 EUR [DHL Parcel]
Sweden - 12,00 EUR [Dropoff at DHL Parcel point! Contact us for alternative options]
Singapore - 44 EUR [DHL Express]
Switzerland - 24 EUR [Export DHL Express]
Thailand - 44,00 EUR [DHL Express]
Turkey (Türkiye) - 25,00 EUR [DHL Express]
United States - 27,00 EUR [Export DHL Express]
United Kingdom - 25,00 EUR [DHL Express]
United Arab Emirates 35,50 EUR [DHL Express]
Hong Kong - 35,50 EUR [DHL Express]
South Korea - 36,00 EUR [Export DHL Express] If a Private Individual/Foreigner Address: 3 digit code with Personal Customs Clearance Code (PCCC), example: P123456789012 Alternative: 8 digit birth date using format YYYYMMDD, example: 19901231

Orders are shipped out only upon receiving payment for the total order. Orders are shipped on average in 3 working days through DHL Parcel and DHL Express partners after processing an order.
Customers receive DHL Parcel or DHL Express tracking information from the shipping partners. Delivery once shipped out, can take up to seven days depending on the destination.

Prices were updated on 09/02/2023.