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Full Zen Black Kit + Pro Micro Controllers


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Product Description

The image does not show this specific black version.

Zen is a split ergo keyboard with a few goals in mind:
Be as thin as possible. Other split KBs (Let's Split, Nyquist, Iris) are 13.2mm thick. The Zen is only 8mm thick without feet.
Layout designed for gaming. 1.5u pinky keys, ortho alphas, and angled thumb keys.
RGB backlighting (not per-key). 16 WS2812b LEDs shine through the perimeter switches. The SK6812 variant are cheap and easy to solder.
Reduce cost by using PCBs for the base and top layers. No screws, standoffs, or laser cut acrylic.
Layout completely compatible with ergodox keysets. The 1st column allows for 1u or 1.5u keycaps.

As a result of these requirements, the build process for this keyboard is a bit more difficult than other split keyboards. You will need flush cutters, thin solder wire, and tweezers.There are 63 SMD components per half. No screws or standoffs are used in order to reduce thickness. The two base PCBs are soldered together using 42 pins, and once the build is complete, disassembly is all but impossible. The top plate allows for switch top removal. The build guide and QMK firmware will be available before delivery.

Programming QMK
Key Count 62 (31 per half)
Switch Compatibility Cherry MX, ALPS
Stabilizer Compatibility Cherry 2u PCB Mount
USB Type Micro-USB
Top Plate Compatibility Cherry MX
Overall Size 164mm x 138mm

Included in the kit
Half PCB x 2
Arduino Pro Micro x 2
1N4148 Diodes 2 x 34
SK6812 RGB LED 2 x 18
100NF Capacitors 2 x 18
3x1 header pins 2 x 20
TRRS jack 2 x 1
PCB Plate & Bottom 2

Not included in the kit
TRRS 3.5mm cable
Micro USB cable
31 switches per half

Product Information

Product TypeKeyboard Kits
Price (incl. tax)€49.99
Availability Out of stock
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