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Fuji65 Pink Keyboard Kit [Kanji]


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Product Description

While pictures on the product page are helpful in seeing what the product looks like, they are not always accurate representations of what is actually included in the package.

When looking at the Keyboard Info, be sure to read the colour description carefully and check which parts are included in the kit.

Keyboard info:

Name: Fuji65
Degree: 6.5 degree
Mount Type: Top
Material: Aluminum
Plate: standard FR4 
PCB: fixed layout ANSI solder, QMK+VIA compatible
Layout: fixed ansi 65% layout.
Badge type: Pink Character
Weight: Silver Anodized

Designed by Mellperbia, Rifen, Nightsakura
CMM.Studio Discord Invite:

Package include top case, bottom case, plate, badge, weight, PCB, miscellaneous  

QC Note: Please be aware that due to difficulty of machining stainless steel, unless any machining mark larger than 2mm or large surface sanding mark present, it will be regarded as acceptable.

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In these instances, we have found that using tape as a temporary solution has been an effective method to address any packaging damage and prevent further damage from occurring. The use of tape serves to reinforce the damaged areas and provide an added layer of protection for the contents inside. Our goal is always to deliver our products in a safe and secure manner, and we will continue to utilize all available resources to achieve that end.



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