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Vortex POK3R RGB ANSI MX Brown


Out of stock

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Product Description

The Vortex POK3R RGB is the colorful successor of the legendary POK3R keyboard.  The POK3R RGB Its minimalistic and small sixty percent form factor makes for a great desk-space saver but is also an eye catcher.  The POK3R RGB sports a full aluminum case and switch plate which makes for a great weighty durable keyboard.

Just like the POK3R, the RGB version is again highly programmable.  On top of the three programmable layers users can now configure all kinds of different RGB backlighting modes or set individual keys to the color they like.  These RGB configurations are saved per layer just like a user its personal key mappings in the keyboard its memory.  The POK3R RGB its configuration will be reloaded when powered on no matter what computer it is connected to.  On top of that, the keyboard requires no software to configure all this sweetness so no annoying vendor software installation required! 

Product Information

Product TypeMechanical Keyboard
Price (incl. tax)€143.00
Availability Out of stock
Number of reviews 2

Customer Reviews

  1. Amazeballs

    I absolutely love the board. It's rock solid, has great keycaps and awesome RGB back lighting.

    Reviewed by anonymous on 7 Feb 2017, 10:39 p.m. | Permalink

    4 of 4 customers found this useful

  2. Looks like it comes from inside of earth or something

    Because it's the heaviest keyboard in the history of keyboards.* Well at least in density (15gr/key with stock case, if that means anything). Great backlight, numerous modes, easily replaces my christmas tree, and the per-key customizable backlight helps me recall which key does wat after messing with the progammable layers. Solid construction too. I'd have preferred USB-C connectivity with a CNC'ed case but I guess I'm asking for something from the future. And it does make noise, even if I don't press the keys to the bottom when typing. There's still a noise coming from the stem hitting the top of the switch. But it's not too loud, just not chiclet quiet at all. Noise from the spring ringing too. And the electrons moving through the cable. Overall, the noise just tells "in case anyone is wondering, i'm not a membrane keyboard". The bundle is quite poor, the keeb comes with a usb cable, and, well, the box. No manual (available from vortexsz's website). Good protection tho. Typing on it fluently requires some training, I guess. Previous keyboard was a mighty membrane logitech with full french layout and -wait for it- dedicated multimedia keys (unfortunately the Calc key on the RGB Pok3r doesn't work so you have to program it) so it took me some time to get accustomed to the layout. But the Fn combinations are not that hard to learn, there are some multimedia shortcuts too (play/pause, volume and stuff, not written on the keys). The-Fn-key-instead-of-Caps-Lock switch thing helps too. I really dig the look of it and its space-saving properties. 10/10 would "Enjoy feeling". Thanks !!1 *except, maybe, the one made of concrete

    Reviewed by anonymous on 5 Dec 2017, 11:41 p.m. | Permalink

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