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Not quite exactly belgian layout

For those who may pass here, the keycaps are excellent, but because I'm new to this kind of product, I expected more key and you've, here, only a set with: number, modifier, Enter Iso, wide space bar, and letters = 63 keys. Additionnaly, there is some indicaiton on the numbers keys that are missing like the { on the fourth key, the [ on the fifth, and the é on the second one. While I can understand to not replicate { and [ that are already assigned to other key, é is only located on the 2 and it's not correct to not have it. Finally, the modifiers are write in English "Capslock", "Shift", "Backspace", it's not French nor abreviation, as the image may suggest.

Reviewed by anonymous on 16 Jun 2020, 4:45 p.m. | Permalink

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