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A mediocre switch with a unique sound

I was actually quite surprised with these. Feel wise, these have a subtle scratch to them even after lubing which I don't mind. The bottom out is solid, but not too rough. Feels slightly softer than any p3 stem jwks I've tried. Other than that, pretty much what you would expect from a long pole nylon housing switch. The most interesting and distinguishing part of the switch is the sound signature= loud and clacky. I find myself liking it a lot. Now to the disappointing part - the springs. Feel wise they are average at best and have a terrible spring crunch stock. The only switch that had a worse crunch present in recent memory are the opblacks. I strongly suggest lubing and/or swapping the springs to make these switches viable. Wobble wise, these aren't great performers either. While they fall in line with other v2 jwks, I believe they would benefit from films. In conclusion, I can only recommend it to people who: 1. Enjoy a loud, clacky sound profile. 2. Do not mind the subtle scratch or are willing to break these in. 3. Enjoy long pole stems. 4. Are willing to pay for films and new springs on top of this price point. Unless you absolutely love the sound, I would entertain other options, especially with the current abundance of jwk switches.

Reviewed by LMarci on 18 Mar 2022, 1:19 p.m. | Permalink

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