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Surprise Stabilizers 4x2u + 1x6.25u


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Product Description

Are you looking to add some flair to your keyboard build? Our Surprise Stabilizer Packs are the perfect way to do it! Available in various sizes, each kit includes a set of stabilizers in a random color, so you'll never know what you'll get until you open the package.

Our stabilizers come in 4x2u and 1x6.25u sizes, making them compatible with most keyboards. With a 15% chance of getting Wuque Mint Stabilizers, your keyboard will have a fresh and lively look. Alternatively, the Wuque Charcoal Stabilizers, with a 29% chance of being included, provide a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

We also offer Durock R1 Transparent Stabilizers, with an 18% chance of being included in your kit. These stabilizers are clear and minimalistic, allowing your keycaps to shine. The Durock R1 Smokey Stabilizers, with a 17% chance of being included, are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your build.

For those who want a little more variety, we offer the Wuque Devoted Stabilizers, with a 13% chance of being included in your kit. This set includes 4x2u, 1x6.25u, and 1x7u stabilizers, making it perfect for larger keyboards.

If you're feeling lucky, there's a 2% chance of getting C3 R1 Stabilizers in either Yellow, Blue, Tiffany, or Tangerine color. These stabilizers are sure to make your keyboard stand out with their vibrant colors. We also offer Tecsee Clear/Smokey Stabilizers and Owlstabs 80%, both with a 2% and 4% chance of being included, respectively.

At a very affordable price, our Surprise Stabilizer Packs provide you with a fun and exciting way to experiment with different colors and brands of stabilizers. Order yours today and get ready for a surprise!

Wuque Mint Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u) - 15%
Wuque Charcoal Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u) - 29%
Durock R1 Transparent Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u) - 18%
Durock R1 Smokey Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u) - 17%
Wuque Devoted Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u + 1x7u) - 13%
C3 R1 (Yellow, Blue, Tiffany, Tangerine) (4x2u + 1x6,25u + 1x7u) - 2%
Tecsee Clear/Smokey Stabilizers (4x2u + 1x6,25u + 1x7u) - 2%
Owlstabs 80% (4x2u + 1x6,25u + 1x7u) - 4%

NOTE: Photos are for reference of sizing only!

Product Information

Product TypeAccessories
Price (incl. tax)€11.00
Availability Out of stock
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