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Katakana Cherry - Matcha


Available: Small number in stock!

Product Description

Katakana Cherry was designed to fill the gap between expensive, top echelon double shot keycaps sets and low cost sets that have bad profiles, boring fonts and limited compatibility.

Entering the market at a very low price, Katakana Cherry offers 170 keys, multiple spacebar options, UK ISO keys, Mac keys and an exclusive TKC keycap. 

What is the difference between PBT and ABS plastic? 
"PBT plastic is different from its shiny ABS counterpart. PBT has a much higher melting point, therefore can be treated with a process called 'Dye sublimation'. An image is printed on a film, the film is then laid on the keycaps, a press closes, and the image sublimates into the plastic. Sublimation by definition is when a solid rapidly changes to a gas, by which the gas saturates the hot plastic. The legend is therefore dyed into the plastic forevermore.”


- PBT Plastic
- Dye Sublimation
- 170 keys
- 6.25u, 7u, 2.75u, 2.25u, 2u, and (2) 1u spacebars included
- Font reminiscent of vintage Apple keyboards
- Katakana sub legends
- Includes UK ISO keys
- Includes Mac keys

USA - TheKeyCompany

Product Information

Product TypeKeycaps
Price (incl. tax)€85.00
Availability Available: Small number in stock!
Number of reviews 0

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