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205 GRADE 0 Switch Lubricant 3 ml


Out of stock

2 customer reviews  

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Product Description

205 GRADE 0 is a VERY THICK semifluid grease obtained with the help of the chemical company Miller-Stephenson. It is NOT recommended for use in tactile switches, only linear-switch usage and Topre would benefit from the use of the lubricant. If applied correctly and precisely, this lubricant can result in VERY smooth linear switches. If applied incorrectly this lubricant will render a switch near unusable. This lubricant is not for those inexperienced in lubing. As only a very thin layer will be needed, 2ml will easily be enough for 200 switches.

Jar of lubricant contains 1ml of 205 GRADE 0. 1ml of lubricant is enough to cover ~90 switches. You will easily be able to cover more if your technique is consistent. 

If you find yourself unexperienced in lubing I recommend trying Tribosys 3204 as it is much more newbie friendly. This lubricant also works well on stabilizers, as it is not as grainy as other options, yet still thick enough to be used on stabilizers.

205 GRADE 0 is not normal 205 (GRADE 2). It has a higher PFPE content, and a binder to keep the PFPE and PTFE bases from separating. As such, it is slightly more fluid than GRADE 2 GPL 205. This makes it much easier to apply and makes the switch smoother.


Product Information

Product TypeAccessories
Price (incl. tax)€7.50
Availability Out of stock
Weight 4
Number of reviews 2

Customer Reviews


    it's 205 g0, that's it, wherever you'll buy it you'll get the same product, the client support was amazing and I had basically 0 problems, this is their discord server where they help the customers btw

    Reviewed by anonymous on 3 Oct 2020, 3:31 p.m. | Permalink

    5 of 5 customers found this useful

  2. Good for switches - not comfortable for stabs

    I ordered this 3ml vial and I could say it is quite comfy to lube switches with. However because of the long shape of the vial, it is not comfortable to submerge your stabilizer to get even coating. So not recommended for lubing stabs.

    Reviewed by Domantas Bronušas on 4 Sep 2020, 6:05 p.m. | Permalink

    1 of 8 customers found this useful

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