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Product comes shipped in a wonderful carrying case. A few little goodies such as a Wuque coin and small coiled cable are included (don't expect too much from the cable, though). Unboxing experience was absolutely stunning. The Ikki68 Aurora allows for a lot of customization. You get 2 types of gaskets to try on and you can pick where you do and don't put them. The default QMK and VIA supported Fairbanks PCB supports quite a lot of layouts and is hot-swappable. Comes with silicone dampening which you can take out if you like. You can put on a cute little badge which can be community designed on which they will do more groupbuys later. You can also make your own little light cutout to put at the bottom right to have light shine through a shape you like. Speaking of lights, the Fairbanks PCB has underglow. A little hard to explain that part but I hope it's clear. Don't want to say it's cheap, but the keyboard is affordable, even for less rich or newer enthousiasts. I do ofcourse also have to mention the issues. The case will literally break if you aren't careful with screwing it together. Absolutely do not overtighten the screws, or it'll cause cracks in both the top and bottom parts of the case! You can't be too careful here! This happened to me. I wish I knew sooner, because apparently this is common with these types of cases. You have to screw the case parts together with hex screws which you get a little hex screwdriver for. The gaskets are pretty thin and I have the feeling they don't really do anything. This is also because there are issues with the plate. The holes in the plate (FR4) for the screws to go through aren't big enough sometimes and it causes the plate to just sit on the standoffs because it can't fit around them, effectively ruining the gasket mounting.

Reviewed by JuicyPotat0 on 8 Nov 2021, 2:30 a.m. | Permalink

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