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GMK Euler x HIBI - Icosahedron [GB]


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Product Description


From Designer:

“Die Mathematik ist es, die uns vor dem Trug der Sinne schützt und uns den Unterschied zwischen Schein und Wahrheit kennen lehrt.” ― Leonhard Euler

With the love for math and respect for Leonhard Euler in particular, as well as the passion for Mechanical Keyboard, @iamtienng combined ideas and designed the GMK Euler Keycap set. Colors are coordinated to create shades like a chalkboard, which is familiar to math learners with its gray-related color scheme.

Base Kit has high compatibility with 1.5u Code keys for Mac users, 40s support, HHKB, 660, ISO and Alice layout support with several additional keys. Of course, Base Kit will also support common layouts like ANSI, WKL TKL, 65%/75% and Numpad. Furthermore, Spacebars Kit will help you with a 6C spacebar key, two 3C spacebar keys and all spacebar keys in Accent Color. Novelties Kit will contain Euler's two most famous constants e and γ, Euler’s Identity and variety of polyhedral. Deskmat “Mathematik’, which has gone through a lot of difficult stages to be able to come to the current design, all the writing as well as the mathematical equations shown are completely handwritten without using any built fonts. Last but not least, in collaboration with HIBI, Kate made my idea of a three-dimensional representation of the Icosahedron perfect on The GMK Euler & HIBI — Icosahedron.



Double-shot ABS
Cherry Profile
Designed by iamtienng

GB End - 28 January
Estimate Shipping - Q4 2023




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