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UK Orders below 135 GBP (155 EUR VAT Exclusive / 187,55 EUR VAT Inclusive) are on hold until further notice.


UA Trident Artisan by Caveforge

Crafted by Caveforge, the UA Trident Artisan takes inspiration from the Ukranian coat of arms and the country's storied history. These artisan caps are handcrafted in Ukraine and feature the Trident (tryzub) symbol encapsulated by resin.

10% of all sales will go to Come Back Alive a Charity Foundation, providing competent assistance to the Ukrainian military.

This GB will be live until December 5th.

From the Designer

"The Ukrainian coat of arms – trident, or tryzub – has a long history (over a thousand years, if not more), but at the same time, it is a symbol of a modern country. It is short-spoken – and meaningful as well. It reflects heroic events of the past – and it is a stripe of Ukrainian warriors protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine today.
Rooting back to the 10st century Ukrainian Trident connects past and present — from the Kyivan Rus’ times, where Ukraine has its roots, to the 21st century and still symbolize Ukraine’s state and national unity. Since the days of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, the trident (tryzub) has become an important symbol for those who fought for Ukraine’s independence 100 years ago and those who protect it today."

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