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Boardwalk PCB


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Product Description

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The Boardwalk is a 60% ortholinear keyboard, designed around Ergodox keycap sets and to fit into standard 60% cases. The project was inspired by OLKB’s Atomic keyboard, which used larger 2u mods, making it easier to hit the modifiers/outside keys. 2u caps are hard to source, and outright impossible if you want to use sculpted sets, so the move was made to 1.5u keys from Ergodox sets. The rest of the board is fillable using standard key sizes from 60% sets. 

The board supports two primary types of layouts, a true ortholinear grid using only 1u, 1.5u, 2u, and 7u keycaps, and an unorthodox “arrow” layout, using 1.25u keycaps in the bottom row to allow an arrow cluster in the bottom right corner. The PCB and plate are universal and will support both types of layouts, although there’s MANY options for the bottom row. 

The plates come in a few options. The standard plate on offer is a universal plate that will fit in any tray mounted case. A top-mounted plate will also be offered that will fit in KPRepublic’s XD60/64/75 cases. For this GB, I will also be offering to design custom plates for your top-mounted 60% case, as long as a DXF file of the original plate can be supplied. The fee for this service is an extra $10 as there is a cost to set up the tool path for a different design, as well as our time to separate the unique plates and package them.

Plates will come in both Stainless Steel and Brass. The stainless steel plates will be bead blasted and the brass will be polished to remove imperfections before being sent out. An option to have your plate powder coated is also available. It'll be $6 per plate, and you will have the option of the below:
- Stark White
- Starcraft Nickel
- Matte Silver
- Pretty in Punk
- Royal Blue
- Midlife Crisis Red​


5x14 Ortholinear grid
Fits standard 60% cases with no case mods
1.5u mods and full size spacebar support.
RGB Underglow
True ortholinear grid and arrow cluster layouts
Powered by QMK

Build Notes

There are two minor differences between building using this PCB and other PCBs out there. There are two standoffs in a standard 60% case that interfere with switches on the PCB: the center mount and the bottom right mount. To avoid modifying the case, we make two minor changes to two switches before soldering the PCB. 
The modifications can be seen here
If you are using a top-mounted case, you will not have to perform these modifications. At release, I will have better photos/instructions for the modifications that use the latest PCB!


Imgur gallery of builds
PCB Picture

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