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Baltic Switches (10 pack)


Available: 10+

1 customer review  

Product Description

Introducing the most perfect switch to run alongside the GMK Baltic - Gateron Inks in Baltic colorway!


Colors: Stem (RAL 090 80 90), Top Housing (180 70 40), Bottom Housing (190 60 30)
Manufacturered by Gateron
Linear Switch
2mm Actuation & 4mm Bottom Out
60g Actuation Force & 70g Bottom out
PCB Mount Switches



Product Information

Product TypeSwitches
Price (incl. tax)€7.50
Availability Available: 10+
Number of reviews 1

Customer Reviews

  1. Gateron Ink Black: Baltic Edition

    These are basically Gateron Ink Blacks, except recolored to match the colors of GMK Baltic. The consistency of my switches (70x) is fine, but very likely varies per batch. If you're looking for the feel and sound of Gateron Ink Blacks, but don't like their look (and do like this one's look) or are looking for switches to match GMK Baltic, these are a good alternative. The switches generally feel very smooth, even when making offcentered keystrokes. I found no noticeable binding either while doing so. There is a little stem wobble present, but not that much. The housing is pretty tight and I don't think they need films (maybe very thin ones at most). The springs are a little pingy and crunchy stock, but those issues will be resolved after lubing. The sound of Gateron Inks is often referred to as 'thocky'. However, I think it's better to describe them by mentioning their pitch and volume. In my experience, these switches sound relatively low pitched, and are medium volume (compared to other linear switches). These switches are a bit on the expensive side (€7,50 per pack of 10 switches. Same price as regular Gateron Inks), so I wouldn't recommend these to entry level enthousiasts.

    Reviewed by JuicyPotat0 on 13 Jul 2021, 11:26 p.m. | Permalink

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